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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Day 79

Happy Birthday Laura Faley!!

Today is my lovely friend Laura's birthday! To mark the occasion I followed her cat - Phillipe - around for the day to see what he gets up to. It turns out he is a very naughty cat.

Phillipe on the phone - how does he do it? He doesn't have fingers. Get off the phone Phillipe.

That is not your toilet! Naughty Phillipe.

Do not slide on that bannister, Phillipe, you will hurt yourself.

Oh Phillipe...

Those eggs are not for you, Phillipe!

That is just being destructive...

Fire extinguishers are not toys, Phillipe.

It is early afternoon, Phillipe, this is inappropriate.

This is definitely inappropriate behaviour.

Naughty Phillipe.

Once again, photos courtesy of Felipe Pires Dias, shutup already.

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