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Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 99

Today, myself and my good friends Rowan and Jane visited Monk Park Farm where you can touch and feed many animals! We touched sheep and goats and lambs and llamas and cows and ponies and pigs and piglets and geese and probably some others and it was very nice, although it was slightly worrying as many of the animals didn't seem like they were in particularly good shape, particularly one pig whose skin was green and not attached. Something had gone wrong with him.


Here is a donkey face. Very close.

Here are some deer.

Billy Idol.

Hello goat.

This guy was very sketchy. He made me nervous.

This guy was also sketchy, but very pretty.

Here is a llama and people.

Here is a drawing of a donkey. I think he is in space. Yeah.

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