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Friday, 17 September 2010

Day 260 and some very nice news.

I was going to tell you some news. Yes. Well - I won the student category of the Cheltenham Illustration Awards! Ridiculously chuffed - the awards were judged by Sara Fanelli, who is incredible, which is very, very nice. You can see my entry on my Flickr - HERE.

Very happy.


  1. Yaaaaay! A winner of an award who I like! Very well done! Although they obviously would have picked me had I made the effort.... lawl! I wish I could come to the awards. Come here sooon!

  2. Lolz. Thanks Jane! Mid-late October will be visiting time? I hope this is suitable. I very much look forward to it. We should get a very big piece of wood and do some sort of thing on it. I think that would be good.

    Also, group crit? You know...

  3. Awesome, fantastic news, well done!

  4. JAMIE! Mid to late October will be fantastic. However, I feel weird arranging our lives on your blog, so I'll email you a big email of joy probably tomorrow to sort lots of things out. COOL!