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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 313 Giveaway!

Hello! To mark reaching 10,000 views on this blog and because I want to, it's time for a giveaway!

One lucky person will receive a package of delightful goods from myself, print, books and whatever I can find that I think someone will enjoy. Here's a preview of a book that you could have a chance of winning -

This is also kind of to tie in with the fact that I'm very close to opening up an online shop, so whatever you receive you'll get before anyone else can purchase it online - how very exciting!

I'll keep it very simple to enter, all you've got to do is;

1) Follow this blog
2) Leave a comment below (whatever you fancy, just make sure that I can access your email address somewhere so that I can contact the winner)

I'll pick a winner at random after entries close at Midnight (GMT) next Thursday (18th).

Yeah! Good luck! Also, please enter otherwise the comments section will look very sad. As will my face.


  1. Hey, just stumbled upon your (beautiful!) work on society6 and now am the first one to enter your giveaway! :)
    Best wishes from Berlin!

  2. Regardless of the comment. I think this a great idea, and you should be happy for even thinking of it.

  3. Also i know you from society6,

    your work is just perfect, i love your style!
    Whoever wins, will be very lucky :)

    i will put candles to Guadalupe virgin or another eccentric trick to be chosen :D

    Regards from Spain! ^__^


  4. OOh! I would love to win some of your wonderful work. well done on reaching 10,000 views too :D

  5. really enjoy your blog - its inspired me to start my own come january 1st! x

  6. I didn't get to see it the other day so I'd like to be in a chance to get one~!

  7. Congratulations on the 10,000 views wooohooo :)
    What a fantastic giveaway, great work.

  8. this is awesome Jamie! 10,000! if i had a pound for every view i'd be very rich! the giveaway looks amazing, super illustrations! :D

  9. Your illustration is great! I also like mountains and drawing. I don't draw mountains all that often but here is one in case you're interested.


    I would like to follow your blog and see your work anyway, it's a bonus that I'd also like to win things pleasethankyou. Email is tamsinwilson@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Excitement indeed :) 10,000 views! Wooo! I love your work and think you are incredibly talented!
    Please enter me for the giveaway!

    Capn NikNak


  11. Congratulations! I follow! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Jay redroaddesign@gmail.com

  12. Hooray! I would love to have some of your goodies show up at my door!

  13. Love the blog! Every time I see a new update, I feel a little guilty that I don't produce as much work! Keep it up! And send me some goodies :)

  14. Hi,

    I just found out about your work through this give away. You've got some really amazing stuff in your Flickr photo stream!

  15. thanks for your reminder on twitter! of course i'm entering ;)

  16. 10,000 hits is fantastic! Your work is awesome. So its all deserved. I follow you on Twitter and enjoy your tweets also. So, in a nutshell, you're a pretty amazing all-rounder....thank you!