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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 316 & 317

Yesterday evening was very good. Myself and 5 incredible artists (Sandra Dieckmann, Erd Yankigun, Murray Somerville, Natsuki Otani and Thom Bates) partook (this is a good word) in some live drawing at the Ballad Of Nanny Floff magazine launch. It was a really nice night and our wall looked pretty good by the end of it!

I've nabbed these photos from the Ballad Of facebook page, you can see more HERE. If I can find any more I'll post them on here also.

I'd like to thank the Ballad Of ladies and Erd for asking me to get involved - it was a real privilege to meet and work alongside such talented folk and perhaps we could be doing something again in the future!

Also, this counts as 2 days because today, apparently, hasn't existed. Travelling and strange things.

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