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Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 148

Tonight was Art Bin night! In case you hadn't read earlier on - myself and my good friend Felicity Hammond were putting on an exhibition at the University of Gloucestershire Degree Show called 'Art Bin' - a celebration of people's creative failures. We ended up getting lots more failed work from people than we expected which was very cool and made us very busy today cramming everything into the space and the evening went really well! Everyone was extremely positive and we even managed to raise a bit of money. People could take work that they liked home with them - given the artists don't want it anymore - and could donate if they fancied. Overall - a very good (and a little tipsy) night!


Below is my contribution - an owly narrative that I did a bit ago. Next to a lovely picture of Chairman Mao that we found and claimed. I think it was my favourite.

Some failed ideas from some advertisers - namely Ben Robinson and Mike Whiteside

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  1. JAMIE! Those owls of yours a some of my favourites, how dare you class them as failures?!