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Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 186

Today has been VERY good. This is Rubi - a 3 month old Chow-chow of which I have had all to myself all day (sadly, she is not mine, she is on loan for today).

Rubi's interests include;

- Biting
- Peeing
- Having fleas
- Barking
- Crossing the road, but only when there are cars
- Having an excellent, blue tongue
- Eating butterflies


We laughed -

We played ball -

We posed -

We met Prince, the horse -

We bit Jamie -

Until his hand became a wound -

We were fucking adorable -

We played with sticks -

I very much want to keep her but apparently I'm not allowed because 'she's not mine' or some such rubbish.

I'm aware that I haven't drawn anything - but look at that face! So good.


  1. She is so adorable! Thank you for sharing, totally cheered me up today!

  2. Just my words!
    Stop posting super cute things!

  3. you can look after her anytime - Katie said she had a blast - especially as you have one awesome garden to play in! Haha, cheers for looking after her for the day!