365 Days is now over! If you feel like keeping up-to-date with my goings on then feel free to head over to my new blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 31 December 2010

Day 365

Hello!  So this is the very last post that I'm going to make on this blog.  Oh no!  Fear not though - feel free to keep up to date with my latest goings on (though not quite so regular as everyday, I expect) over on my NEW BLOG - I'd really appreciate it if people would continue to follow my work over there.  For now though - here is a recap of this year - from Day 1 to Day 365!  (feel free to add your own soundtrack)

I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who has followed/commented on/looked at/got involved with this blog this year - it really means a lot to have had so much support from such a wide range of folks.  This has been a brilliant exercise for my drawing - it's quite strange to look back at what I was producing 12 months ago to the work I've been making recently.

2011 is going to be good.  Lots of exciting things to be a-happening.  Right now, I think I might have a massive drink.  Cheers!

(I've just realised how appalling the quality of this video has become, sorry about that but blogger wouldn't let me upload anything bigger.  I've now put it on Youtube - as you can see! - watch it bigger over there like.  Ha!  What an anti-climax.)


  1. It's a fantastic achievement buddy - pure determination and will. Be proud :D.

  2. Been checking your blog all year, gonna miss it. Pretty inspirational stuff. Keep up the good work.

  3. oh no! I will miss also, you are a fantastic artist and i really glad to have something yours.

    i will follow your new one

    happy new year!!! wish you the best!!!

  4. I will miss this blog.....but I will keep coming back to have a nosey around. But the main thing is we will see your work progress more and more on your your new blog and I look forward to seeing what you do next.