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Monday, 7 June 2010

Day 158

For the past couple of days, Fliss, Martha, Mike and myself have been making some wickery-tissue-papery sculptures in preparation for Beach Break Live. These photos look horrible but the sculptures are actually looking really nice. I think my favourite is the rabbit, of which I can take no credit for as he was created by Mike (I don't think I've plugged Mike's blog here yet - look at it!). Hopefully these will all fit in the car and then Fliss, Martha and myself will be making lots more at the festival. Yeah!


  1. Oh wow!I wanna come ;-)

    Jamie what happens when the 365 days are over?
    Will the world explode or will a small animal somewhere just giggle secretly in its hiding place?

    This all sounds weird! I'm sober, just tired!
    good night!

  2. Well, hopefully some other (probably less time-consuming) project will take its place. I have no idea at the moment.

    I feel like I may be quite lost without it though. I might have to get a pet. Yeah - that sounds like a very good idea. Might start saving for a micro-pig now.