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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 161, 162, 163, 164 & 165

Hello! Excuse the few days away - I have been away at the Beach Break Live Festival! Tell a lie, I was in London on Thursday and then at Beach Break Friday - Monday. It was a very strange experience. Fliss, Martha and myself arrived there late Friday and set up camp. Had a very cosy night in our very small tent and woke up the next morning stiff, cold, hungry and tired! However, we got to work on our wicker elephant, had a very cool pitch for all of our sculpture bits to go in which was excellent. Sculpting went well (if very long) but then things went bad when Fliss (who's health had been declining rapidly during the day) had to go back home that evening as she was rather unwell (she is well rested now and feeling much better, thanks for asking). We were left as two! Martha and myself spent the next two days finishing all the sculptures off, which was a tiring, surreal and ultimately rewarding experience as they did look very nice and we were pleased. We decided that it looked like a child had sneezed out a load of crayons which we then recreated. Nice. We then had to leave a day earlier than expected as other bits came up so we weren't able to do the mural - I think it was going to get put to good use by some other artists that were around though, which is good.

All-in-all, it was a bit of a weird few days. Definitely pleased with how it ended up looking though. Currently, I've only got pictures from my phone taken in the day-time but hopefully soon I'll get some night-time shots and some film shots (once they're developed) which I will post on here as soon as I get them!

Lots of words - now images!

Also, I'd like to thank the lovely Clare Chapman - who was excellent with sorting our stuff out, amongst many other people's and even driving us to the train station! She is a good one.

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  1. The elephant is lovely and is that a white rabbit there as well?
    I'm glad you are pleased with how it all turned out!
    Good to see you updating your blog!