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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 222

Finished this off, innit. Apart from some colouring, but y'know.

A funny thing happened at work today.

Some kid was not happy that her Mother would only let her have 3 chocolates (which is too many in the first place, if you ask me, save your stamp) rather than the 4 that she wanted. At the counter, Mum, quite reasonably, asked her to put one of them back. This kid was not happy and began to scream/cry/jump up and down in a fit of anger. So enraged was this child that she proceeded (on the descent from one of her stomp-like jumps) to absolutely chin herself on the edge of the counter with some serious tongue-biting force.

Absolutely cracked me up. It's not as funny any more though. Oh well.

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