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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 229

So I've been mentioning this collaboration a lot.

The lovely and extremely talented Sandra Dieckmann asked me if I would like to help her to create a series of images of endangered animals - I was all too happy to oblige. So far we have a dolphin, rhino, panda, orangutan, leopard and tiger finished (or at least finished for now). There's still a few more yet.

Very happy with them thus far, our styles of working look pretty nice together. Really looking forward to seeing the whole set finished, together and hopefully available to buy as postcards.

I should thank Sandra a lot for asking me to be involved with this, t'is a very good project to be doing work on and it really means a lot that she asked in the first place!



  1. love the colour combination, textures and line quality, very nice work!

  2. Your styles meld really well!!